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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Who is Madame Knuckles?

The great thing about having your own website is you can promote whoever you want! Well, I have promoted so many great artists and businesses over the past couple months, but this time, I am unabashadly, going to promote my alter ego, Madame Knuckles. Some of you you know who Madame Knuckles is and others do not. Simply said, I am Madame Knuckles! BelRockCityGirl and Madame Knuckles and Natalie Mulhall is one and the same, just like the Trinity, and before my last child was born I even owned a nail salon called Trinity. Anyway...

So, most of you know that I pal around with that great girl that makes Socks-That-Rock, Joelene Chinn. The night of Rockford Handmade I went to hang out and visit all my friends like, Jarrod and Brittney rorm Pirate Ninja Print Shop, JoJo from Crust 'n' Crumbles, Pablo from Caked, and also to meet new great artists like Danielle from Burlap Works who organized the outstanding event. So... as I was hanging out with Joelene, who was by the way, selling everything in site off her table, I noticed she had a few fingerless gloves made out of some scraps that she had left form her dolls. I thought they were really cool and bought one. Well that was when she started her sales pitch.

"Natalie, you should make those"
"C'mon, it would be so fun! We could sell together!"
"No. You make 'em. This is your thing."
"I make the dolls, I only made these 'cause I had scraps, but I don't want to make 'em"
"Well, maybe, I do have a ton of stuff that I could use to trick ' em out"

OK you get the idea. Joelene won. She totally talked me into it. And... I am so psyched that she did!

There was a small, little catch though, the show she wanted me to sell at with her, was the following Saturday! That night was the debut of the Rockford Ragdolls, the B-Team for Rockford's Roller Derby Girls, The Rockford Rage

That was Thursday, by the weekend I was upto my eyeballs in socks, ribbons, zippers, buttons, skulls, flowers, etc... I have been cutting and hammering energy drink cans, working with leather, and finding new ways to upcycle pretty much anything! And the results are pretty cool. I have now added more accessories like small handbags and beanie hats to the mix.

So now, Madame Knuckles has an Etsy Shop and can be found at the Brick Cafe and Gallery in Belvidere.
Oh... I do custom orders too!
If you like what you see, but don't see what you want, contact me! I can incorporate almost any theme into my design.

Please see ALL links to right. These are my favorite LOCAL people, places, whatever... Take a minute and stop by their websites. Keep it Local :)

Thank you to everyone that I have met this year through this blog! It has been so fun meeting all of you! I hope you and your families have a wonderful holiday season!
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Raymond Did It - What is going on?

So, I talked to the movie making man himself, Travis Legge of Raymond Did It, Rockford's own horror movie, last week and he gave me the lowdown on what's been goin' on.

The premiere is scheduled for February 11th,right here in Rockford, and for some of us, that is really far away, but for Travis that time is gonna fly by! Last minute details, wrapping up the audio track, organizing the premiere event, oh, and A CONTEST! All of that will keep him quite busy over the next couple of months. And.. completely off the record, meaning not confirmed, just me and my mouth spewing my hypothesis, I think he might also be a little busy shopping out a couple of his other scripts. A man has gotta make money, right? He is a writer, correct? Well, here's hopin' someone picks up his scripts, makes a movie from them, and pays Travis beaucoup de l'argent!

Contest. Yes a contest. A contest involves you doing something in order to win something. Now, Travis is working on the details, which I will not share at this point, but stay tuned! There are all sorts of possibilities he could go with. Maybe he will have a Raymond look a-like contest, maybe a trivia quiz, maybe a contest to see how far you will go to prove you are his biggest fan. Only Travis knows, and he's not tellin'. As far as the prize...shhh secret!

How will you know when the contest starts? BelRockCityGirl of course! I will keep you updated with a couple more articles between now and the premier. Twitter. That's where it breaks first, so make sure to follow me @BelRockCityGirl and follow Travis @TravisLegge. Also check the hashtag #RDISTREET for lots of info about how you can get special Raymond Did It privileges.

RDI Street? I am glad you asked, purchase the shirt, shown in the link above, and you will become a member of the Raymond Did It Street Team and that is how you get the inside scoop and all those special privileges!

Most importantly visit Travis website http://www.aegisstudios.com/ for all the latest information and his blog!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Rockford Handmade

OMG! Rockford Handmade was awesome! I bought lots of Christmas gifts and spent lots o' money. I can't say who I bought from cause my kids read my blog but I will have a house full of "pinjas" huggin the coolest dolls around!

Gotta give props to Danielle Kelley of Burlap Works for organizing this wonderful event! The brewery looked beautiful and the talent matched!

I saw a lot of Rockford City Market artisans there, and that was a wonderful surprise. the Market was one of my absolute favorite things to do last year! JoJo @ Crust 'n' Crumbles, Pablo and Claire @ Caked, soaps and lotions form Etim's Beauty, the yummy pizza from Woodfire Brick Oven Pizza, all these sound familiar? I can't wait for the market to open again. Only 5 more months! I am really hoping Danielle will do this again! Wouldn't it be great if there was another Rockford Handmade before the City Market opened up? hint, hint. I know how much work it is to organize events like this, but this handmade market was really exceptional.

A few of my fave artists that didn't show at the market, but totally should, were sellin there wares at Rockford Handmade. Jennifer Mullin was selling her sweet Tiny Art. Jarrod and Brittney of Pirate Ninja Print Shop had some awesome shirts, bags, pillows and such with some super cool screens on them. I bought several. Just Sayin. The Sock Chic was rockin' the socks off people sellin' Socks That Rock! My friend Joelene Chinn is the artist behind those sweet, edgy, totally cool, art dolls that people can't resist! If you missed her at Rockford Handmade you can check her out at the Rockford Rage bout this Saturday! She made the mascot for their new team the Rockford Ragdolls. Her and I, aka - Madame Knuckles will be pimpin our stuff during the derby. Doors open at 6, bout is at 7.

Madame Knuckles
Great Gift Idea
A sampling from
Madame Knuckles

Oh, thanks for asking. Madame Knuckles is me,
creating some pretty cool gauntlets, wrist warmers,
fingerless gloves, you get the idea. Women, kids,
even men are diggin' these fun, fashionable and
functional accessories.
So give us some love and come check us out!

One last thing. I want to congratulate Javier Jiminez of Saturated Threads on his 5 year anniversary. He celebrated it with an art show that I unfortunately could not make it to, but I am sure it was off the hook! I heard there was live screen printing and a bevy of talented artists like Jarrod Hennis from Pirate Ninja Print Shop. Even though I didn't make it, I did make a purchase from one of the artists. Can't say more, sorry. So, Congratulations Javi! Sorry I missed it.

Please visit the links to the right and check out all the artists I have mentioned! Wouldn't it be great to support these locals in their art and give handmade gifts to all the sweeties in your life? Yes, I think so!

Check back soon to find out how Madame Knuckles' first venture into pimpin' her goods went at the Rockford Rage Roller Derby!

As my sons say...Peace Out!