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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brand New Me, Brand New BRCG

With the recent addition of BelRockCityGirl Designs and a co-owned business with Joelene Chinn of Socks That Rock, added to my already chaotic life, Rebel Art Productions, has got me thinkin' about what it is that I want to do with BRCG.com. My newly inspired creativity is butting heads with the subject material of writing I have been doing on this site. While I love writing my articles, some of them didn't come easy. The advice that I have always heard about writing was that you should write about what you know and love. Well, right now, I love lots of things, and being creative in my art of designing accessories is a new found love. Time to take that advice.

BRCG's website has been weighing heavily on my mind these days. What should I do? Should I keep doing it? This past fall and winter I wrote about a bunch of people, places and things that I have met along the way, and it was fun, but that train has left the station. I was pimpin' a lot of egos as well as local artists and businesses, but now it's time for a change. My main dilemma is that a lot of the subjects of my articles seemed disconnected from my life. I found myself writing about people or places that were interesting but lacked a passionate interest from me. No longer are the days of free advertising. I am still going to write about people, places and things... but, people, places and things that I love...as they pertain to me, my life, my family, my creativity, my passions, my businesses and my friends.

Ya know, I met a lot of people through BRCG this past year, and I came away with new friends and new favorite places, and that, was totally worth it! It is time to move on though. you may still see me write about some of my faves from last year, but this time around, I will be sure to write about people, places and things that inspire, my creativity, my humanity, my passions, my family, and in one word; myself.

Check back soon to find out what inspires me to do what I do!