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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming Soon To A Boutique Near You

Well I made it through Rockford Handmade. The turn out was pretty good and I met lots of great artists not to mention a few buyers from some local boutiques and shops. Now that Handmade is over, I am getting right back to the grindstone knitting and crocheting new bags to felt and adorn. I am hoping to have a great sampling of handbags to show to some boutique owners within the next couple weeks. Opportunity is right around the corner. I have also been asked to provide some of my designs for an upcoming photo shoot. I am keeping my fingers crossed that photos of my designs will be published. Wish me luck!
I am now playing with adding different fibers in my bags. Before I started knitting and crocheting handbags, I had made tons of scarves, and my favorite designs all had multiple different yarns and fibers. I just loved the way they looked with all the different textures. So, why not apply that to my handbags? I am keeping my fingers crossed that these fibers will hold up well in the felting process. After I felt all the bags pictured above I will post a pre-adornment pic so you can see how the felting turns out.

Thank you all for your interest in my designs. If you are interested in purchasing any of my designs please contact me! If you are interested in wholesale opportunities or consignment, Please don't hesitate!

Monday, May 16, 2011

BelRockRebelGirl Hit the Rebel Junk Motherload!

The motherload of vintage findings! Business partner Joelene Chinn of Socks-That-Rock and I hit the flea market scene this weekend in search of all things rusty, metal, industrial, furry, lacy, odd, peculiar, military... you name it. We headed on out to Pecatonica to attend The Pec Thing flea market, held twice a year at the Winnebago Fairgrounds. We got there at 9am, gotta get there early to grab all the good stuff, and made a beeline to the outdoor vendors. Having been there before several times, I knew that all the "good junk" dealers would be outside. In our search for Rebel Junk we would quickly bypass the nice neat tables of Depression Glass, figurines, dolls, home decor, we had no interest in this stuff whatsoever. We were looking for the tables lined up with cardboard boxes full of rusty stuff. Hinges, gears, drawer pulls, locks and keys, belt buckles, odd tools, chains, pulleys... stuff like that.

This is the stuff that dreams are made of! And we had sweet, sweet dreams at The Pec Thing.

This junk rocks! I am so pleased with my finds I have been designing non-stop in my head, and I have put a couple of those designs onto bags, which will soon be found in my Etsy Shop or in a local shop. I will keep you updated.

Monday, May 9, 2011

BelRockRebel Handbags & Accessories Now Available

BelRockRebel Handbags & Accessories ...Unique, quality, handmade, accessories that command attention. This line is all about being an individual! Some of us do not want to be just like everyone else! Be your own person, have your own style, and show your personality, it's easy to do with BelRockRebel!

BelRockRebel Handbags & Accessories are now available! I have been working on the line for a while now, and finally... a debut! This past weekend, BelRockRebel was shown at the Rebel Art Productions Traveling Handmade Boutique show during the First Friday City Market event that was held at the Millenium Center in downtown Rockford and at Kiera Confections' Mother's Day Event. I have to say that I was very pleased with the reception of my line of handbags and accessories. For now you can find some of my line in my shop, and very soon, you will be finding my designs in some local stores. Of course I will be showing with Rebel Art Productions at all of the Traveling Handmade Boutique shows.

Please contact me if you would like to carry the line in your store, would like to place a custom order, or if you have any questions about BelRockrebel.