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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

BelRockRebel photographed for local magazine

wow! Time has sure gotten away from me. Summertime has been a blast and I admit, that BelRockRebel has has had to take a small hiatus, but new designs are on their way!. My 5 boys have been keeping me exremely busy with swimming lessons, Baseball for my 9 yr. old, baseball for my highschooler, summer camp blah blah blah.

Great news! A local magazine has asked to photograph my designs for an upcoming issue, and that has kept me busy working on new designs. I now have really cool, unique cuff bracelets and hairclips. I am so excited for everyone to see them!

I love summertime with my boys and I love desining and so far it is all working out great!

Please check back soon. I will be updating everything as soon as the photo shoot is done.