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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodbye Ozzie!

Former CSW manager Ozzie Guillen
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We weren't surprised that it happened. We were surprised that it was announced last night, during the game against Toronto.

Hawk and Stone said that they had an announcement to make later in the game and after briefly checking ESPN, during a commercial break, I knew, what that announcement would be. As many of us were, I was surprised that last night's game would be Ozzie's last as the White Sox manager. He would not finish out the last two games of the season nor the remainder of his contract for the 2012 season.

I stayed up for hours after the end of that game to watch the post game pressers, first with Ozzie, who I adore, then with Kenny Williams, who I DO NOT adore. They both stuck to the same story, not placing any blame on the other, just saying it was time for Ozzie to move on, do what is right for his family etc...

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Let's face it, if it weren't for the friction between the two of them, Ozzie wouldn't be leaving, he would be here for another year.

I watched the CSN post game show with my fave smiling baseball analyst Bill Melton, after the game while waiting for the press conferences. He and Chuck Garfien talked to Steve Stone and Ken Harrelson via the telephone. They had great memories of Ozzie as a player and a manager, as did so many others in the White Sox organization as well as the fans. I am sure more of us will miss him than not, and let's not ignore the fact that Ozzie will most definitely be missed by the media! Ozzie Guillen is a media outlet's dream, and a public relations nightmare at the same time. So many colorful sound bites to choose from! I have a feeling no matter where Ozzie ends up, maybe with the Marlins, that it won't be hard to find him goin' on about something!

Bill Melton and Chuck Garfien
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I haven't even been a fan for a whole season yet and now I gotta break in a new manager! I really liked Ozzie! I liked that he played for the Sox before he became manager, I liked the way he seemed to have loyalty to our beloved Chicago team, I liked the way he didn't make excuses, I liked the way he told it as he saw it, I liked the way he called out the media when they were being asses, and most of all, I liked the way he talked about his players. He really seemed like a "player's coach" on and off the field.

Ozzie Guillen and Jerry Reinsdorf
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Ozzie gambled. He gave Jerry an ultimatum, extend his contract or let him go.

As Ken "Hawk" Harrelson would say:

"He Gone!"

This morning I woke up with this in my inbox:

White Sox Release Manager Ozzie Guillen From Contract
CHICAGO - The Chicago White Sox have agreed to Ozzie Guillen's request to be released from his contract, allowing the manager to pursue other opportunities.

"We certainly cannot thank Ozzie enough for all he has done during his eight seasons as manager of the Chicago White Sox, highlighted by an unforgettable 2005 World Series championship," said Jerry Reinsdorf, White Sox chairman. "I personally appreciate everything he has done for this organization, our fans and the city of Chicago. We shared the greatest moments together and wish him nothing but future success in baseball and in life."

Guillen, who led the White Sox to a 78-82 mark in 2011 and a 678-617 record during his eight seasons (2004-11) as manager, will not be in uniform with the White Sox for the remaining two games of the 2011 season.

The White Sox retain rights to compensation should Guillen accept a managerial position with another major league team in 2012.

Not really what I wanted to see. I thought maybe just maybe everybody changed their minds.
Not so.

Oh well, I better go browse all my baseball bloggers and sports news sites to see who the hell is gonna run this team.

PS Wikipedia is already updated- listing Coop, (Don Cooper)- CSW pitching coach as the interim manager for the lat two games of the season.

Goodbye Ozzie, I will miss you, but I too, have to move on. I am looking forward to see what the next few weeks and months will bring to my Chicago White Sox Organization.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Busy Boys, Busy Week, Busy Me

Blogging takes time. Sometimes that time escapes me. I have the intention, every week, to blog at least a couple of times. Ideally, 3 times a week , would feel like a great accomplishment! I have to get over the feeling of guilt for not accomplishing this goal and remember that I have accomplished so much else during my week. I thought about all the things that I do throughout the week and how much time it takes to run a household with 6 boys. Here are some random tasks that I conquered this week.

15 year old's driving school classes

Decorated for Halloween
Clipped, sorted and organized coupons
$400 grocery trip

New bulletin board/dry erase board organization center
Cleaned out file cabinet
Crocheted a scarf
Lots of loads of laundry
Mowed the lawn

Cleaned off porches, back and front
Mopped kitchen floor
21+ meal preparations (carry-out DOES count)
Cleaned off the mountain on my desk
Deconstructed broken cabinets
Took kids to Edwards Apple Orchard
Kids clothes shopping
Shoe shopping (new harley boots for me)

Grounded a kid
Grounded another kid
LOTS of homework

Swept sidewalks
Pulled weeds
Moved garden rocks/boulders
Trimmed overgrown trees
Fixed broken toilet

Baseball practices
Baseball games
Filled out Foid card apps

Grounded before said child, for longer
Dug out fall/winter clothes
Worked on securing Green Bay Packer tickets

My everyday tasks combined with the list above, wipes me out! If I weren't falling asleep on the couch by 9 pm, maybe I would have gotten on the computer and knocked out a few articles.

Well there is always next week! Wish me luck!