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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Terrified Mom Chauffeured By 15 Year Old Son

Ok. Terrified might not be the best adjective. Nervous? Yes. Edgy? Yes. A little scared? Absolutely.

Mack has been enrolled in the classroom portion of driver's ed for a few weeks. Even though he has never driven anything other than a golf cart at Jake's, he insists he knows what he is doing. Of course he does. Do I really argue with that? Just like me he is never wrong.

After a failed attempt at getting his permit a couple of weeks ago, we went back the next day and got it. Our first trip to SOS in Belvidere resulted in us getting there 5 minutes before they closed, taking a number, waiting for 15 minutes, and the moment shel called our number, I realized I did not have a birth certificate or his social security card. Really? I looked at Mack and told him we had forgotten his other papers. "Your saying this is my fault?" was his reaction. Here we go, the making of a knock-down, drag-out, fight, about him not taking any responsibility whatsoever.

I just looked at that handsome boy who towers more than half a foot over me and just said "Half your fault, half mine." Normally I would sooo engage in that argument...and win. maybe. This time, I, amazingly let it go. I know he was dissapointed enough that he wouldn't be driving home that afternoon.

I drove my first born of five sons, once again, to SOS. This time we were prepared. We walked in, got our number, sat down. Mack acknowledged a couple of friends taking written tests, and I caught the eye of three women that were working. They all have known Mack since he was five. They just gave me a smile that said 'Oh my gosh, he is driving now? Where did the time go? He is so tall. Don't worry, we know what your going through, he will be fine and good luck!' Yes, I got that all from those surprised and sympathetic smiles. All of these women have been there and done that. Johanna Hendrickson was a friendly face that I was so happy to see behind the counter.
Mack Fumbles Mulhall
Johanna is Jake's mom, one of Mack's oldest and best friends. They have known each other since kindergarten and even through changes of schools, they have remained good friends. Jake got his license a couple of months ago. And so it began, life with a son who is now more independent than ever. I have to admit, when Mack is out with some of his other friends, I am a little nervous. With Jake, not so much. I have known the Hendrickson's for years and when Mack is with them I know he is in good hands. I am pretty sure Johanna, being that she administers road tests, has taught Jake well. I am confident that he follows all the rules that go along with a 16 year old driving, and if he didn't I am sure Chuck and Johanna would be all over him!

Mack passes his written test, I get words of encouragement from Johanna, Crystal and Skeeter and we are on our way, with Mack at the wheel. Jesus Lord, please give me peace.

Poor kid has got to learn to drive in a 1/2 ton Yukon XL that is like 19 feet long and seats 9. He will also be testing out the Volkswagon CC 6 speed with an Audi engine that I'm sure will encourage the inner race car driver in him. Great, just great. We take the Pearl St.- Locust Ave.- Appleton Rd. route home and we made it back somewhat peacefully. The yelling at each other part... that didn't come 'til later when he decided he wanted to drive all four of his brothers to Taco Bell. OMG. Really? On the first day?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011