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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Baseball is winding down, back to blogging I go!

Wow, I haven't been around in quite a while and a lot has happened since last year! A kid driving, A kid on a travel baseball team, two others playing baseball as well, and one that is working on his mad basketball skills! My job has not changed I am still mom and wife of this brood, and I do my best to take great care of them. I have to admit though, it is my little side adventures of girly stuff that keeps me going sometimes. For instance, drinks with the girls, shopping for that perfect shade of lipstick, which I still have not found, ooh let's not forget a great pedicure.

My nails should look great when I am sitting at tournaments in 95 degree weather with my shoes off. I can do it all, all the sports stuff, the fighting, the destruction, I can handle it all and maintain some sense of being a girly girl with a little effort. 


I am back at it. Stay tuned for some stories that will hopefully entertain you. Check back often as I am working on some give-aways for my readers!

Next up: My Make-Up Madness. A Plead To Cosmetic Companies