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Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Makeup Madness... A Plead To Cosmetic Companies

Finding the perfect shade doesn't always go so perfect.

I am a self proclaimed lipstick junkie!
For as long as I can remember I have been a makeup addict. Back in the day I would scour through my mom's makeup drawer, long before I was allowed to wear makeup. Boy, was I in Heaven when I was old enough to not only wear makeup, but old enough to shop for it. My first makeup store you ask? Walgreen's. Six miles from my home located inside Spring Hill Mall. Fast forward to the present time, and I have shopped for makeup anywhere they sell it. Believe me I have tried most every brand as well. I am not afraid to try the "drugstore" brands, and as much as I love "department store" brands, my wallet does not agree. I have a really hard time spending big bucks when I have five hungry growing boys to feed. That does not mean I don't splurge once in a while though. If there ever were a time I would be willing to splurge now would be one of those times.

I made my very 1st cosmetic purchase at a  Walgreen's  in a mall.

I am on the hunt for THE perfect shade of purplish/pinkish/lilac lip gloss/stain/ lipstick. You would think, that with the gazillions of shades out there that this would not be such a difficult task right? Wrong. So wrong. Every girl knows the disappointment of buying that beautiful shade of...whatever, only to get it home, put it on, and... failure. It doesn't look anything like the little plastic color sample they have attached to the shelf where it was sold. What is a girl to do. Do you return it? I know some of you would, but I honestly don't think I have ever returned makeup in my life. If I had returned every shade I had been disappointed with, I could probably buy out MAC. Aren't we all thrilled when we find something we like, take it home, try it out and it is exactly as we expected? Then what happens? You all know the answer. The shade is discontinued. Then we have to hit up eBay to find if anymore still exist, and if it was a popular shade or brand, we have to pay through the teeth!

Beautiful... if they actually look like that on your lips!

I have been living this nightmare for the past couple weeks, hunting for that purplish/pinkish/lilac shade of lip something. I even researched online, compiling a list (I am not kidding about the list) of the possible brands and shades that would fit the bill. List in hand, I sauntered into Walgreen's thinking "I got this!" Yeah, not so much. Within a couple of minutes, after finding the brands and shades that looked so promising on my ipad, I had crossed several off my list. Up and down the aisle I went, refusing to give up, determined to leave that store with a shade in hand.
so pretty....

Then I saw it! A lipgloss/stain in a purple hue caught my eye. A stain and a gloss? I was thinking "This is brilliant!" Ten bucks later I was out the door. Get it home, put it on, and cussing immediately commences. Really? Why oh why, is this so hard? It must be something about lip shades that have blue in them. I have had the worst luck.

It would just be so much easier if cosmetic companies could find a way to ACCURATELY represent their shades, in print and at the stores! It sure would save us beauty addicts a lot of aggravation and money! So my hunt continues. I will not give up, I will turn every stone, until I find my perfect shade!

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  1. The problem that I find is that somebody else can look fantastic in a certain lip color, and then I can try the same color, but it looks totally different (awful) on me. So skin tone must make a difference, too.

  2. I hear you girl... nothing more frustrating then buying what you think is the perfect shade and get home and it is a complete fail. When you find that perfect shade.. please share! what was the color that was too dark? - i prefer the darker shades myself :)