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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Who Says Baseball Tournaments Aren't For Shopping???

At the beginning of the baseball season, my husband told me we would be competing in a tournament in the Dells. Awesome. What does one normally think of in association with the Dells? Waterparks! After telling the rest of our boys of the little vacation we would be taking this summer, the high fives commenced, followed by a long line of questions. "Where are we staying?" "Is there a water slide?" "is there an indoor pool?" and on and on it went. I shared all of the information that we had and explained to them that we would NOT be staying at on of the big indoor waterpark hotels. I told them that we are going for baseball, and that was the priority. The team would be so tired if they spent the better part of the day running around a huge waterpark and then had to go play a couple games in 100 degree heat. I told them we would be staying at a smaller hotel that had pools and a slide and that it was going to be so much fun!

Wintergreen Resort, Wisconsin Dells WI
One of the team Dads reserved a block of rooms and everyone was responsible for making their own reservations. So, after a couple weeks pass, and I went online to check this place out. Cute little place that looked like the north pole in the middle of summer. Cool. The boys should get a kick out of this place. I called, made the reservation, booked a "family suite" , basically two queens and a pullout sofa and paid for the first night. Done. Forgotten until a couple of weeks before the tournament. We were leaving on July 5, and the boys wanted all the details. I grab my iPad, go to their site, and the boys look at all the pictures, oohing and aahing their approval. They give me back the iPad and go about their merry way. Now, when I reserved the room I did not pay much attention to the content on their site. I just got the contact info and proceeded to make the call for reservations. So, now iPad in hand, with the resort's homepage front and center, something caught my eye. It was like a beacon of light shining right toward me, beckoning my attention. That beacon of light was actually two simple words, "Outlet Mall" and better yet, it was located just across the street from our little hotel.

I am not fanatic about outlet malls. I do not go out of my way, or drive a couple hours to go to one. I DO love shopping, I just don't have the time to do an all day shopping event all that often. But, when said outlet mall boasts a Coach store, there is no way in "H" "E" double toothpicks I am going to miss out. I also notice there was an Under Armour, Adidas, and a Nike store. Being the mom and wife of 6 sports loving, active guys, how could I not go? But, let's be clear, Coach, was the priority.

Planning and plotting ensue. I debate weather or not to tell Tim of my little find. I don't say anything just yet, who knows if I will even go? Yeah, right, who am I kidding? Later that night I just can't hold it in, I am so excited at our good fortune. Yes, "our" good fortune, if it weren't for this outlet mall I could pay full price for a Coach bag. Ouch. I tell Tim the tidbit of information I found, let's just say he was not as excited as I was, but he keeps his comments to himself. Go figure.

We get to the Dells Thursday afternoon, check in, and hit the pools ASAP! We endured a 2 hour ride in the White Mamba, as my 16 yr old's clan calls it, without a/c. The temp indicator in the Yukon stated 107 degrees... Going 80 mph. The pools were so welcoming. We had a great time Thursday night. About 20 parents and over 30 kids were taking over the joint, food and a few cocktails and good times were being had by all. Thursday night we didn't have a game scheduled so we just hung out and had some quality team bonding. Friday morning most of us were up at a very respectable hour and ready to hit the pools. 

Shades on, no makeup, I stroll out to the pool, have a little swim, sit and chit chat for a while, then I start twitching. It's now or never. I have the biggest window of opportunity today. I invite Natalie, Christine and Mitzi to join me, though I have no takers. So I am flying solo. No problem. Having 6 guys in the house I am used to shopping by myself. I tell Tim I am going to Coach and he didn't bat an eye, I am sure he was engrossed in a conversation involving ERAs, batting averages, OBPs, and other baseball stat stuff. Not a word uttered about over spending, or budgets, woohoo.

So, off I go! It doesn't take long to realize that something is seriously wrong. I can't see out of one eye! How the hell am I going to shop with one functioning eye? I park the White Mamba, flip down the mirror and discover the problem... I lost a contact. Great. Well since I am somewhat handicapped, I realized that I needed to practice shopping with my new disability. I give it a go at Under Armour. It did not go well. Even though I had vision in one eye, it was also severely diminished due to the excessive swimming I had been doing. I decided not to waste the little vision I had left so I ditch UA and head right to Coach.

I think of those boys playing baseball in 100 degree heat and tell myself to persevere! I can do this! I can find a beautiful Coach bag, in fact I can do it with one eye closed! Funny. That is just what I did, I had to keep covering the one eye with my hand or else everything looked all blurry. I went around and around that store maybe ten times touching, looking, even smelling. Leather. It was what I was looking for this time, something big, pretty, and leather. And... I found it.

My mission was complete, and since I was able to use a "30% off entire purchase" coupon, the guilt stayed at bay. As a matter of fact I was so guilt free, I indulged in a pretty Patent leather wallet and a cosmetic bag!

Now I have to admit, when I got back to the hotel and joined the rest of the team, I did start to have a little buyer's remorse. Just a little though. I think all of us moms deal with that little nagging feeling whenever we spend money on ourselves or treat ourselves to something special. Just remind yourselves that it's OK. We dedicate ALL of ourselves to our family most of the time. I believe that in order to keep our sanity splurging on our self from time to time is necessary!

Ladies, I will say it again, " Who says baseball tournaments aren't for shopping?"

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