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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet Valentine Customized Kahr

My new 9 mm has been screaming for a bit of customization. Trigger job, night sights, a laser? Not feeling it. Don't get me wrong, those are great options, but, I LOVE my trigger and as far as the sights and laser go, I feel like I need to get more than a few hundred rounds through it before I decide what needs to be changed. Cosmetic custimization in a VALENTINE'S DAY PINK theme, is what that sweet cw9 needs.

My husband and boys often make fun of me for personalizing nearly everthing. My truck is adorned with NRA stickers, a sweet Hello Kitty, and kids sports teams. I adorn my cell phones and handbags with jewels, and I love anything that has my name on it! My belongingings tend to reflect my personal style. If I could afford to have that pretty, matte, slide engraved with my name and beautiful etchings, I would be all over that!
We have all seen those guns with the crazy paint jobs, the Hello Kitty ARs, and the straight-from-factory pink pistols that women seem to love. As much as I adore the color pink and Hello Kitty, I have told myself that there is no way in hell that I will ever own a pink gun, or a gun with that cute kitty plastered on it, not even an AR 15. The pink pistols that firearms companies are pushing, are tempting, I will give them that, but, a million other women are going to have that same exact pistol. I have to admit, even though I said I would NEVER buy a pink gun, I have been secretly admiring them.

I held out as long as I could. I tried, I really did. I should have never gone to that infamous website where you can learn to do just about anything, including, painting your own guns. Damn Youtube!
Armed with knowledge, a bottle of Wisteria, and a bit of apprehension, I took a shot at making my Kahr a little more "me".
As I was working on my gun, I kept thinking about the reaction it would elicit once it was done. I didn't want to be made fun of, or ridiculed for personalizing my weapon. I didn't want anyone to think I wasn't serious about handguns in general, or that I was just some frou-frou girl that just wants something pretty. I am a serious gun owner. I know how each one them works. I can DCOA all of them and I make sure to train with them consistantly. Better yet, I can hit center mass easily enough that a bad guy should head for the hills instead of messing with me.
My gun has been personalized for a few days now, and I can honestly say there isn't another one like it in the world, and that makes me happy. There is no mistaking that this gun is mine! It definately is SWEET looking and what better day than the sweetest day of the year to have it's coming out party!
Love it or hate it, please don't judge, it's all in fun!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Gun Fun For Everyone!

It seems like, that no matter where we turn, we are inundated with news about guns. The good, the bad and the ugly. We hear of senseless tragedies committed by unlawful thugs who obtain guns illegally, we witness the attack of our 2nd amendment rights by left wing, libtard, politicians on a daily basis, and every once in a while we will hear about an everyday, American, hero who thwarts a criminal dirtbag in the act of a crime. In case you didn't know, that hero I just mentioned, well, there are lots of them, but the media would rather have you thinking that guns are only used with bad intentions.  They are wrong. You know what I want? I want to hear more about how guns are good, and yes, even FUN!

If your not a libtard, and have experienced any time at all shooting a gun, you know, as well as I do, GUNS ARE FUN! Pop culture has picked up on this fact too. Guns have seeped into society in a pleasantly surprising way. So, sit back and enjoy guns in an unexpected way!

Feel free to go to BelRockCityGirl's PINTEREST page to get more detailed information on the products you see here, and lots more!

Yes, we all like guns, but this is taking it to a new level. Guns influencing home decor? Me likey! Some of this might be over the top, but I can definitely see some of these items gracing the Mulhall living room. That crystal gun chandelier... freakin' awesome!

Men can express their joy of guns in a whole new, uber-cool way. I absolutely love the t-shirt with the screen printed holster, the cuff links are still classic with a little rebel added in, and what guy wouldn't want that can cozy? I don't think I need to say a word about the gun mailbox...

Gun industry, meet fashion industry. Gun culture has influenced today's fashion in an, in your face, way. Clothing, jewelry, shoes, handbags, all the things girls love are even easier to love once we spy these items transformed by the inclusion of some gun culture styling! I adore the Winchester .45 Auto ring especially, but I would wear any of the other jewelry as well. The shoes are super cool, but I am sure I would break a leg.

Guns in the kitchen? Well sure, lots of us have guns hidden away in different rooms of our house. But, guns in the freezer, that's a little strange! Not so, I think those gun ice molds are AWESOME! My boys would whoop and holler if I served them a fried egg in the shape of a gun! Seriously what boy would not think that is so cool? The trigger mugs and the revolver teapot are on my wish list.And,  I really wont ever look at ketchup and mustard the same way again.

If that was not enough proof enough, that guns are indeed fun for everyone, I will leave you with one last testament of gun fun. I know there will be a lot of eye rolling of the male persuasion when they gander at these pictures, but I couldn't resist. The sweet character, that little girls across the globe, have grown up loving, has also been the source of some sweet gun stylings! I have loved Hello Kitty for a long time and have quite the collection of  HK jewelry, bags, clothes etc... I DO NOT have a Hello Kitty Gun! As much as I love Hello Kitty and guns, I  refuse to be ridiculed, and by choice, I choose not to own a HK gun. With that said, when a cute little kitty without a mouth, because she speaks the language of friendship and doesn't need a mouth, meets firearms you KNOW that gun culture has indeed made it into the mainstream!

We can see just how much guns have influenced nearly every facet of our lives. There will always be a certain taboo surrounding guns, but isn't it wonderful to take a break from all the political nonsense and bad news stories to just enjoy guns in a little bit different way?

Once again I thank you all for your support! Keep checking back! I will be hitting the range again this week, I still have some breaking in to do on the 9mm!

Friday, February 1, 2013

DC Dirtbags Cut Breakfast For Soldiers

Soldiers in Afghanistan are now writing home to ask family and friends to send care packages with cereal, breakfast bars and other breakfast foods. Why you ask? Well, because of military cutbacks, some soldiers in Afghanistan are no longer being served hot breakfasts. Say it ain't so! Oh yes it is! While that &#¥@$£# dirtbag in DC dines like the KING he thinks he is, our soldiers, fighting for our freedom and their lives, aren't even served three square a day. How the frick does this happen? Are you kidding me? This is absolutely disgusting!

 I can think of a few other things we could cut before we deny our soldiers breakfast.

Feds spent $141,000 studying pig manure... IN CHINA. WTF?

Oh, get this one: How about we spend $225,000 checking out the HOOKAH HABITS of Jordanian students? I am not kidding! Not a good use of OUR MONEY? Well too late, we already spent it.

I think this one takes the cake! Feds thought it was a great idea to spend 20,000,000, yes, 20 MILLION US DOLLARS on an agriculture based TV show IN INDIA! The purpose? To advertise cotton. Ummm, yeah... India is a net exporter of cotton, meaning they export more than they import. I highly doubt East Asian Indians are going to want to spend more of their $ to buy US cotton when they grow it right there! Way to go MORONS!

If you as an AMERICAN, do not feel outrage at this appalling mis-use of OUR money, I have some choice words for you! But, if that is not enough evidence for you, how about this?

While our soldiers are eating shitty MREs for breakfast, King Obama and his crooked ass cronies are lunching on this:

First Course: Steamed Lobster with New England Clam Chowder Sauce, Sautéed Spinach, Sweet Potato Hay

Second Course: Hickory-Grilled Bison with Red Potato Horseradish Cake, Butternut Squash Purée, Baby Golden Beets and Green Beans, Strawberry Preserve and Red Cabbage

Third Course: Hudson Valley Apple Pie with Sour Cream Ice Cream, Artisan Cheeses

Wines: Tierce Finger Lakes Dry Riesling (2010), Korbel Natural, Special Inaugural Cuvée California Champagne, Bedell Cellars Merlot (2009)

King O might as well just take a picture of himself flipping all those soldiers the bird, and holding a sign that says "F*CK YOU!" and send it to Afghanistan.

As far as I'm concerned, this is on him, he is the boss, this happened on his watch, and he did nothing.


Rant done.

Thank you for reading, please share this everywhere using the FB & Twitter buttons at the bottom of this post, and forgive me for my language but, I am really mad.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mama Packs A 9mm!

Yes, it is true!
This wife and mom of 5 boys packs a 9mm...
wherever it is legal to do so.

Last week, I picked up my first 9mm handgun. I was lucky to find exactly what I was looking for, and right now, with all of the hullabaloo going on about the assault weapons ban, this is not an easy task. Gun shops all across America have recently had record sales of guns. This means their inventory weapons, is really low. I have noticed that the three shops I frequent, have a severely diminished supply of guns across all platforms. Shotguns, rifles and handguns are not sitting long on the shelves of firearms dealers. Legal, law abiding, people everywhere are snatching up these weapons, even at inflated prices. Ammo? Same situation. I have been keeping an eye out at all the local shops and some of the bigger box type stores, and the story is the same. You can get your hands on .22 ammo fairly easy, but, .380, .38, 9mm, .40, .45, .223, 7x whatever...your lucky to find more than a box sitting on a shelf anywhere.

I picked up my new Kahr cw9 last Tuesday and hit the range on Friday. I had read excellent reviews of the gun, but guns are very personal. Something that one person loves may not be a gun that another loves. Fortunately, for me, after taking my 9mm to the range, I found that I indeed, LOVE THAT GUN.

Very 1st Kahr 9mm target
After my warm up with the .22, I am excited, and a little nervous about shooting the 9mm. What if I totally suck? What if that bigger caliber is really challenging for me? What if my shots are all over the place? Ok girl, bite the bullet, and get to shooting that new, nifty pistol! I load up the 7 bullets into the mag, a difficult feat in itself, that spring is really tight, tap it, rack it, and take aim. That first trigger pull was soooo long. I know I was anticipating that "bang" and recoil, and my target proved as much. No hole. I completely missed the freakin' target on that first shot! What in the Sam Hill? It took me firing off the remainder of those six shots to accustom myself to the long double action trigger pull and the recoil. Those six shots did hit the target and I felt slightly redeemed. Now that I know I can hit the target at 30 feet, I continue to load mag after mag and fire away. The trigger feels more comfortable after each shot, and the recoil seems to nearly disappear. I gain confidence with each and every shot. This gun has a couple features which are new to me, like the fact that when you unload your magazine and the slide locks open, the slide will automatically close and rack a bullet into the chamber when you tap in the next loaded magazine. Me likey. The other new to me feature is the lack of a manual safety. That had me peeing in my pants, just a little bit. After I thought about it for a moment though, I decided it wasn't a big deal, seeing as though I rarely use the safety on my Beretta. All in all I think I got a great BANG for my buck! I could not be happier with my new Kahr 9mm.

After I put about 80 rounds through the cw9, cleaned up my casings and packed up all my stuff, it was time to find a companion for my new friend. I went into the shop, and with some assistance, found a nice leather holster. Now, I know that we can not legally carry here in Illinois, but soon enough I will be legal to conceal carry in a myriad of other gun friendly states thanks to the Utah conceal carry class that I took on Gun Appreciation Day! That is not my only reason for a holster though. As you know, I have five sons in the house. They range in ages from 8 - 16. Safety has to be on my mind at all times. Yes, I could put the gun in a lock box, and pray that if I were to need it I could get to that gun in time. Our house is three full stories, and if something were to go down, and I were up in our room for some reason, what good does that gun do me if it is locked in a box two stories below me? Sure I could take that lock box with me when I go to the bathroom, or go to the second floor to change the laundry, or even up to my room on the third floor when I need to do something up there, but how practical is that? Not very. This is where the holster comes in. When I am at home, on my property, I AM PACKING; I have that baby strapped to me at all times! That is the absolute safest place I can imagine. There is no way any of my kids can get their hands on that gun without my knowledge. Better yet, it is right there at my side, ready to defend my family at any time.

Returning home with blasted targets, a holster, a lot less ammo and a new found love for my 9mm, I had one last exploration to accomplish. DCOA. Disassemble, clean, oil and assemble. This can be a make it or break it when it comes to the love meter of a new gun. Taking apart this weapon was a piece of cake! Getting the slide off my Beretta is a pain in the ass, this gun? Easy! Not one broken nail! Recoil springs and the recoil guide rod were easily removed from under the pressure of the barrel lug, and the barrel slides out easily. Clean. Oil. Assemble. Putting this gun back together was just as satisfying. DCOA complete, I reloaded the magazine, tapped it in place and holstered it at my hip. Even more satisfying.

This is my gun. There are many like it, but this one is mine.
That is the slightly edited (replace gun with rifle) first line of the Rifleman's Creed from the Marine Corp's doctrine. Many of you are familiar with that creed, perhaps from the movie Full Metal Jacket. Many of you also agree with that statement, as I do. My gun is MINE, and NO ONE should handle it without my express permission.
I am quickly becoming very fond of my new weapon. I assume, as time passes I will become even more enamored with its quiet confidence and the safety it brings me. Praying I will NEVER have to draw that weapon, it does give me peace of mind knowing it is there for the protection of me and mine.

Thank you all for reading another 2nd Amendment Sunday article. I would also like to give a very special thanks to the folks at Guns Save Life for graciously sharing my articles on their website. Please give them some 2nd amendment love and visit their website!

Last of all a big, fat, love filled thank you to my husband Tim, for it was his hard earned money that paid for my beautiful, shiny new gun! I could not do what I do without his continued support of his gun ga-ga wife!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Fun, Gun Filled Weekend - 1st Stop, The Range!

Armed with our Remington 510 and my Beretta Neos, I hit a local shop that has a small, very well broken in, indoor range. By broken in, I mean, walls with thousands of divets from casings hitting the fragile concrete, old hand crank target pulley system, and a bench rest that has seen better days, but none of that really matters. The 50 feet between my gun and that target is what really matters, and to be honest those 50 feet sometimes look like 50 yards. Practice, practice, practice. Any knowledgable gun person will say that is the most important aspect, except for safety of course. Here I am, just me, my guns, and the bad guy, in the form of a target.
The Beretta Neos w/ Carbine kit (On My Wishlist)
I start out with the "dirtier" ammo. I place the bullets exactly in the same area as I always have, to the bottom right of the bull. The first 30 rounds were in a big 8" cluster. Too big for my liking. I guess, if I am really honest, an 8" cluster, can get the job done, seeing as though, a human torso is much larger than that. It still pisses me off and completely irritates me, that I can not get closer to that bulls eye! My poor marksmanship with this gun is why I am trying to locate a carbine kit for this pistol. Maybe I will be more accurate, and enjoy shooting this gun more. I go through another 40 or 50 rounds, with pretty much the same results. I start to think that it's me, I mean, I know it's me, but maybe my aim is really off or something. I decide to put some rounds through the old, tried and true, bolt action, single shot, Remington. This gun has been proven to be extremely accurate, so I know if I am close to the bull, it isn't a problem with my eyes at least. One by one, I load and fire off some rounds. I clear the gun, leave the bolt open and set it down. I crank back the target and have a look. I find shots in the black of the bull, and some just outside of it. Not great, but not bad, now what? Back to the Neos I go.
I changed my stance from my more comfortable, right leg back, to standing straight on. Feet shoulder with apart, fire, fire, fire, through another ten rounds... nothing. Bullets landed in the exact same area. I tried to focus on relaxing my hands a bit more... same. I would put through 30 or 40 rounds through the Neos and then go back to the Rem for 20 or so rounds. Each time the same outcome, Beretta U22, always to the bottom right and the 510 rifle right on the bull.
I fired 250 rounds or so, through the Beretta and maybe around 40 or 50 through the Remington. All in all it was fun and time well spent. I got some good tips from Dan in the shop, and plan on making a couple of adjustments when I go back to the range next week.
The beginning of my fun, gun filled weekend was off to a great start. Check back on Wednesday to see the gun that has made it's way home with me. You didn't really think that I could spend all that time, in all those gun shops without buying something shiny did you?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Happy Gun Appreciation Day!

I am doing some exciting things this weekend in honor of Gun Appreciation Day! I will spend Saturday taking the Utah Conceal Carry class. Utah's conceal carry permit covers 32 states so its a great CCW class to have under your belt. I also spent Friday at the range, getting in some much needed practice, and even managed to get some gun shopping in! I will let you know about the little present I picked up for my self tomorrow.
Last but not least, to celebrate Gun Appreciation Day, and to add to my collection of 2nd Amendment Sunday articles, I will be sharing photos and descriptions of some great guns from a private collection! Handguns, Rifles, and Shotguns too! Old and new. 

If I get permission I will let you all know who this awesome collection belongs to!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gun Shopping Girl - My 1st Handgun

I told you I'd be back! Celebrating another 2nd Amendment Sunday with my third article about, you guessed it, GUNS! Please be kind and share my articles everywhere you can. We can all help in the 2A fight! To read more 2A articles, CLICK ON THE GUN TO THE LEFT!

Any responsible gun owner will agree that everyone who owns a gun should be responsible, and know how to handle their weapon. This is where training comes in. Before I purchased my first handgun a couple of years ago, I knew that I would seek out professional training. I have five sons at home, and for me this wasn't an option. I had my own expectations of what it meant, for me, to be a responsible gun owner. I needed to know, not only how to operate and fire the weapon accurately, it was also important for me to know how the weapon operated mechanically, and to know how to DCOA (disassemble, clean, oil and assemble) my own guns. I am kind of a nerd that way. I knew the only way for me to be completely comfortable with my weapon of choice, was to have 100% confidence in the handling and firing my weapon.

I have to admit I was a little nervous shopping for that first pistol, partly because I am a girl, and because I didn't really know what I was doing. Where do you even start? So, I just bit the bullet and visited a couple of local gun stores. I looked, I asked questions, I handled them, I dry fired them, and I gathered as much information as I could, including reading a lot of magazines that my Dad, a lifetime NRA member, sent home with us. I did not buy a handgun on that first visit, or the second or even the third. This was serious business for me and I wanted to be confident in my choice.

After "window shopping" and researching for a couple of weeks, I felt comfortable enough knowing the very basics of handguns. I learned about bullet calibers, single action vs. double action, magazines, triggers, grips, etc... It was time for some practical training. I hired someone that did private "Intro To Handgun" classes. I was guaranteed to have a 2 hour private lesson that would introduce me to not only safety and marksmanship, but to a variety of handguns in different calibers.

Image may be subject to copyright
I can not even begin to tell you how helpful that private lesson was. I started out feeling somewhat timid in handling the gun, but the more I listened, learned and applied what was being taught, my confidence grew. That 2 hours turned out to be, closer to a 3 hour private lesson. I learned invaluable information that was needed for me to feel confident in being a handgun owner. After learning some very important, yet basic safety rules, about handling, loading and unloading semi automatic weapons, I was ready to start test firing the 10 or so guns he had brought.

A simple test determined that I was right eye dominant. Okay, good to know. I was taught the proper stance, taught how to hold the gun, how to aim and so on. I was absolutely prepared to fire a handgun for the first time, under supervision. We started with the lower calibers and worked our way up from there. Lots of rounds of the .22 first. I was surprised where my bullets hit, they were not on the bullseye, but they were in a nice little cluster to the bottom right of the bull. My instructor pointed out what I was doing wrong, and I fired off some more, with some improvement. Up the calibers went, and with an increase of each caliber, my accuracy increased as well. My targets with the .45 blew my .22 targets away. I found it interesting that I shot better with higher caliber. The kick back from a .45 is much more powerful than a .22 and I was honestly surprised to see that I shot the "bigger" guns more accurately. Now, the last gun that he brought out was a .45 revolver. I prefer to just forget about what that target looked like when I was done with it. I am not sure why, but my shots were everywhere on that target. it was a very hard gun for me to shoot. With the exception of the revolver, my instructor told me that I indeed had the hang of it, and for a beginner I did really well. He emphasized that practice is key. It not only improves your accuracy but, the more you practice, the more it will be engrained into your muscle memory. He advised me to go to the range and go often.

Left: Rem 510 Right: Beretta U22
I left that class feeling much more confident in my ability to become a responsible gun owner. I was no longer intimidated to use or own handguns. I felt I was prepared to make my first handgun purchase. While, my main purpose of going on this journey to handgun ownership, was for home and family defense, I decided that it was more important for me to hone my marksmanship skills first. To become a good marksman you need to fire a lot of bullets. Firing a lot of bullets can become very expensive when you are shooting a higher caliber weapon. Knowing that firearms, like tattoos can become quite addictive, I decided to start out with a semi automatic .22 and get a larger caliber, more appropriate for defense, at a later date.

Our 1940's Remington 510 - LOVE!
Finally, the time came to pick out my new gun. I tried many, but there was one gun that stood out. It felt extremely comfortable to me, and that gun, three short days later, became my first handgun. This was the gun that I would practice, practice, and practice with. This was the handgun that my five sons would learn to shoot with. I have taken that gun to the range with and without my sons over and over again. Imagine my surprise when I found that hitting that bullseye was not as easy as I thought! True, I admit, it was and continues to be frustrating. I am not sure what it is about that gun but it seems that I really suck at shooting that semi auto .22 pistol. Give me our 1940's Remington 510 rifle and I'm much more pleased with the outcome that shows up on those targets. It is now my personal goal to improve my shooting skills with that gun. I will not give up, I love that gun, even if I hate where my bullets land!

My 1st Handgun, Beretta U22
Coming up on Second Amendment Sundays... My Beretta Neos Handgun, A Love/Hate Relationship

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

This Chick Digs Diamonds & The Long Ball!

Adam Hit A Long Ball Homerun That Night!
Withdrawal. It can be painful. I know that there are many of you that are in need of a baseball fix right about now. The BCS championship is over, the playoffs are under way, and the Super Bowl is just around the corner. What does that mean? It means MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL is on the horizon. Thank you Lord, praise God, Allelujah, and can I get an Amen?!

Patrick's Helmet - Well Worn
Our football season starts in August; that is when youth from all over our county, turn out to run, hit, sweat and sometimes puke their guts out at Thunder Youth practices. I love that my boys play football. I loved it so much that I volunteered to be on the "CHAIN GANG" just to have the best seat in the house! Turns out I liked doing the chains, my husband and I made a great team! Thunder Youth football is a GREAT primer to gear up for the big boys of the NFL. It's like foreplay for the main event.

Go PackGo!
One of my favorite things about the NFL season is, hunkering down in the winter time, making "football food" for my boys and cheering on the PACKERS! I love college game day Saturdays, the NFL on Sundays, Monday night football, and yes, even Thursday night football. I love the sound of hard hits, helmets crashing, and the roaring crowd. I love rooting for the Pack and I am not quiet in doing so. I am a screamer. Oh yeah, I scream... loud. On good plays, I'm screaming, and bad plays I'm screaming. It does catch my boys by surprise once in a while though. They are used to their dad screaming expletives, but when mom does it, I hear, "Calm down Mom!" For a few short months out of the year, football has a hold over me until baseball begins. The time I rack up watching football is nothing compared to obsessive hours I compile staring at diamonds.

The Cell 6/23/12

And you all know, girls dig diamonds!

I do love bright, shiny diamonds. But, give me a sand diamond, complete with bags, a mound, and guys wearing tight pants hitting a LONG BALL, and you got me! Throw in a ballpark hotdog and a margarita or beer...Oh yeah!

Tim & I, 5th Row vs. Brewers... Sox Won!
January can be a tough month for me. NFL playoffs are under way, and if the Packers aren't in the playoffs, my football season is basically done. This year, January isn't too bad, the Pack is in the running, so it keeps my mind off MLB. It's about this time I begin watching ESPN and CSN every morning. Much to my husbands dismay, I am quite fond of watching Dan Patrick as well. Hot Stove? I am so there! My obsession is just starting to kick in, but come the middle of February, when mandatory reporting for spring training starts, I am all in, and counting the days til the season opener. Until then I am very content watching the games broadcast from Arizona. This time of the year I drop hints to my husband that a vacation to Camelback Ranch would be really, really sweet, and with 5 kids, oh so easy to plan. Yeah right. I also give him the much easier option of going to opening day at The Cell. I am still waiting on that one as well. He refuses to sit at a ball park before May.

My Stat Stuff
Opening Day. Way more exciting than any holiday I can think of! Weekday game, kids are still at school, probably a 1:05 start time and I am ready! White Sox camp chairs in the living room, hotdogs steaming, beer cooling, peanuts, and my "book". I LOVE keeping WHITE SOX stats! Penciling in the line up, drawing little lines around that small diamond and marking 1B, 2B, 3B or HR nothing makes me happier! I join my kids in the White Sox Kids Club every year, so I can basically hijack some their stickers to trick out my stat book. I am not kidding, I really do steal from my own kids in the name of White Sox Baseball. I am not ashamed, not in the least, cause that book looks freakin cool!

By mid April MLB is under way, and adding to my baseball bliss, BYB is in full swing as well. Belvidere Youth Baseball. I Love this organization, and 2013 marks my family's 10th year! I love going out to those fields to watch my boys play and my husband coach. We have made so many great friends through BYB and it is so amazing seeing the same people year after year. I love seeing the teams improve, kids building confidence and the coaches giving their all! Sitting in the sunshine, on those bleachers, is a vacation in my mind.

Bring it on! Baseball is almost here, so bust out the all beef hotdogs, throw some beer and soda in the cooler, pull up a chair, or get a ticket for the cheap seats, and enjoy America's favorite past time!

Go White Sox!

Kevin, Me, Rhino and AJ
PS... A.J., I will miss you!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

You Call THAT An Assault Weapon?

Let me start by saying, I am not a gun expert, nor am I an expert on gun laws. I like guns, I like shooting guns, I own guns, and I do believe in the 2nd amendment.

There will be many of you reading this that are much more educated than I am regarding guns and gun laws. My personal goal is to reach those people that are pro 2nd amendment, but maybe are not involved in the cause, or aren't exactly sure what is going on, AND to reach those that are anti-gun, and shamelessly change their mind. Being a regular, small town girl, married, with 5 sons, who happens to be a gun owner, I represent a good percentage of families just like mine. Now is the time for us "regular folks" to make our voice heard.

As some of you may be aware, Illinois anti-gun folks are at it again! After passing, by the Public Health Committee, amendment #1 SB2899 was introduced to the Illinois House of Representatives. This is going to vote today!

Their goal is to ban "assault" weapons and high capacity magazines.

This amendment aims to do two things. 

1. It would make YOU pay for the confiscation and destruction of your own guns.

2. It would ban 50% of rifles and more than 80% of the handguns owned by Illinois citizens.

Please visit www.isra.org to learn how you can help in the fight for our freedom.

The term "assault" weapon means different things to different people. Anti-gun people seem to have focused on the aesthetic features of the weapon, not the functionality of said gun. In their eyes, this is an assault weapon:

That gun, is the same as this gun.

Those two guns operate the same, meaning they have the same action, shoot the same caliber of bullets, and are capable of shooting the exact same number of bullets. The gun on the top is deemed more dangerous by the anti-gun collective. Why? It looks scarier. Lets break it down. The gun on the top has a different butt stock, sometimes people like collapsible stocks so that they are easier to store and transport. This does not change anything about the way the gun shoots. Next, take a look at the grip below the trigger. Some folks prefer to add a pistol grip to make the gun more comfortable or more stable to shoot. Again, this in no way changes the action of the gun. Above the trigger, you will notice a rail. This is for mounting a scope, so you can see the varmint of choice more clearly. The rail, nor a scope will change the manner of which your gun fires. Lastly, you see a big round thing with holes, surrounding the barrel of the gun. This is a barrel shroud. A barrel shroud simply protects you from burning your hand should you touch it. Once again, it in no way alters the functionality of the action of the gun.

The idea of banning a weapon because it looks a certain way is asinine! That is like banning accessories on a car, because they make it look cooler and more modern, even though those accessories do not make the vehicle more dangerous. Stupid senseless laws have not, and will not deter the criminals. Laws are not intended to take away the rights of law abiding citizens, they are put in place to protect us. Do you think the bad guys with the " assault" weapons are going to turn their guns in? No. So now, they have the guns and we don't. When criminals and the government have guns and the citizens of this country do not, there is a problem, a huge problem.

In my Packin' Pistols In Illinois article, I questioned what some of these gun control people are thinking. In regards to the fact that they continue to infringe on our 2nd amendment rights by trying to disarm law abiding citizens, when they know though criminals on the streets will always have guns. This is something we shouldn't even have to defend. It is our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! Are you really willing to give it up?

How does, giving up our guns, even on an elementary level, protect us? Yet the gun control law makers claim that it is for our protection. Our protection, is the fact, that it is our right to bear arms. That is our security. 

When our own government infringes on our rights, that is exactly the time that the 2nd amendment is most important to uphold.

I wish these people would wake up and stop wasting our time and money trying to pass useless laws that will not stop the violent acts of criminals. Controlling the gun ownership of law abiding citizens does what? It does not make us safer, history has proven that. It will not make the criminals with illegal weapons less likely to commit crimes. What don't they get? I, for one, do not want a government taking away a right that is fundamentally mine, or telling me what kind of guns I can own. I don't know about you, but I don't really trust a government that would sooner sell guns to violent Mexican drug cartels than to their own, loyal, law abiding citizens.