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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Birthday Inspired Summer Fun Bucket List

Well, today is my birthday, and after thinking about all the wonderful blessings my 30+ years has brought me, I am really having a hard time deciding how I want to spend my special day. It kinda feels like any ol' day. All of the ideas I come up with seem better suited to " another day this summer".
So for my birthday, I am making my Summer Fun Bucket List, which I will show to my family and make them PROMISE to complete. They have no choice, they have to say "yes", because it's my birthday!
This bucket list may seem a bit on the "big deal" side to you, but believe me, to schedule my family of 7 to follow through with this list and the ability to finance these excursions for 7 people, WILL be a BIG DEAL! It really is hard to plan family events with the attendance of all of my boys in tow, thanks mostly to the fact that 3 of the boys play baseball, rec league and a travel team, and having two teenagers one of whom has a job? I am not delusional though, I know that most of these activities will take place without, at least one of my sons, and quite possibly without my hubby.
Let The Bucket Listing Commence!
WHITE SOX night game AFTER a whole day in the city!
An ENTIRE day of shopping, including a lunch that involves alcoholic beverages!

One weekend away with my WHOLE family, I don't even care where or when...
A GIRLS ONLY day at a local WINERY
Camping - every year I try, but it has been YEARS since we went camping!
Another White Sox Game
Party at the Mulhall's
Family Fun Shooting Day with ALL of my boys!
Hiking at Rock Cut WITH Tim
A least one more SOX game
None of these seem that difficult to carry out do they? Now, take away half of our weekends, due to baseball tournaments. Just that alone cuts my chances of completing this bucket list in half! To most families this bucket list is a walk in the park, but for my biggish, busy family, it really is a challenge!
The question is, are the Mulhall Boys up for this challenge?
All I have to say is,
or else!